Neptune Sextile Natal Saturn

Tuesday 05/01/2018-Wednesday 05/02/2018

Yesterday and today a transit from Neptune to my natal Saturn is exact. I’ve been curious about how it would show up because one of my least favorite transits was transiting Saturn conjunct natal Neptune. After that transit I realized how much I rely on Neptune in my chart to provide ideas and possibilities. Yes, it’s a little rosy sometimes- maybe a little foggy in it’s execution- but the ideals it offers is part of what I enjoy most and I find life a bit dull and hardened without it. My reliance and enjoyment of Neptune may be due to my Pisces moon. I know when I encounter people who aren’t used to Neptune’s strong influence, it can be a little off-putting because if you don’t give it enough room to flow, it will create confusion and despair.

This current transit- Neptune sextile natal Saturn- has turned out to be illuminating in that Neptune is enhancing Saturn’s desire to form boundaries and structures. What I’ve seen with this transit is practical ways to incorporate ideals into life. It’s been an extremely positive transit, offering ┬áinsight into boundaries AND a nod to life’s possibilities. I have felt positive about my own tendency to believe in ideals. In my own chart, I have Capricorn sun (ruled by Saturn) and Pisces moon (ruled by Neptune), so it is particularly meaningful for these two planets to work together harmoniously.