Individual readings are $45/half hour phone reading.  We will look at your natal chart for understanding and see how transits are showing up in your life. If you’re already familiar with your chart, we can examine specific aspects and look at ongoing transits in more depth.

Relationship readings $45/half hour. I can look at the synastry between you and a composite chart of the relationship. I can also search for soul contracts/karma in the relationship to clarify what you are working on together.

Intuitive astrology coaching session $45/half hour. Coaching that begins with your natal chart.

I focus on developing wholeness and incorporating the energies offered by the transits into your life.  A reading examines how your chart and current/ future transits might be expressed both internally and externally.

All readings require time, place and date of birth for accuracy. Sometimes readings can be done with only place and date of birth but it loses some accuracy and detail.